Subject Matter Tutoring

Mindset Tutoring provides 1-1 tutoring and enrichment for students in grades K-12

Working with students of all ages, our tutors have helped numerous students improve their grades, increase their test scores, lower their stress and achieve better understanding of subject material.  We have a unique multi-tiered approach to tutoring. 

Master Tutors

Our Master tutors are experts in their fields, be it mathematics, the sciences, language arts, study skills or one of our many other offerings.

College Tutors

Current college students that have an added level of knowledge and maturity than our high school students but are still able to relate to younger students as peers.

Near Peer Tutors

Supervised by a Certified Teacher, our Near Peer Tutors are talented High School Students. Near Peer Tutors know what is expected of the students and can communicate in ways only a peer can.

What Subjects?

Science All Levels including AP Bio, AP Chem and AP Physics

Math: All Levels including AP Calculus, Math in Focus and Connected Math

History/SS – All Levels K-12 including AP US History and AP Euro

English/LAR- All Levels

Foreign Lanuguages:

Other Topics: Organizational Skills, Keyboarding, Study Skils, Essay Writing