Isabella’s Story

I moved into Accelerated Algebra II this year. My parents and I were so excited! I was finally with all my friends and it would look really good on my college application. However, it was much harder than I thought it would be. I was getting a C, and they were talking about dropping me back down to CPA Algebra II. I didn’t want to and promised to get my grade up this quarter. I contacted Mindset Tutoring, since I could walk over from school, and set up an appointment with a Near Peer Tutor.

She was a dancer, just like me, and we went to the same studio when we were younger. She had taken Acc Algebra II and got an A. To be fair, she gets A’s in everything. I met with Rachel twice a week. She went over my homework and explained the material in ways I could understand. After that, she introduced next week’s topics so I knew what was coming and I could keep up with the class. She never made me feel stupid and I looked forward to the sessions. I got a B on the next exam, my highest grade so far! By the third exam, my test average was an A-. I no longer felt like I didn’t belong in that class. I could even help my friends sometimes!

Isabella, 10th grade