Test Prep

Mindset Tutoring applies analytics to test prep to maximize your results


Mindset Tutoring initially provides a free diagnostic exam.  We then apply analytics to evaluate multiple target points which enables us to create a unique plan for your student that will maximize their scores. With Mindset Tutoring, your student will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to meet their goals.

Which test should I take?

Before tutoring begins, Mindset will help you determine whether your student is better suited for the SAT or ACT and provide a recommended testing timeline and preparation strategy based on these diagnostic results.  

We also provide an assessment of the areas your student should strengthen as they prepare.  This helps ensure the best use of time and resources.

How should I prepare?

Mindset offers 1 on 1 Targeted Individualized Instruction or the option to Prep with Friends – the choice is yours.


WIll I get to practice?

Mindset offers multiple opportunities to take real condition practice tests.  We also analyze your student’s results in order to focus future efforts in the most effective direction.

What tests?



SAT Subject Tests

AP Tests