Nancy and Emma’s Story


As Emma grew up and started middle school, the work got harder. Her backpack became a mess and important homework was forgotten. It became really difficult for her to keep track of the numerous classes and her grades suffered. I was worried, but she became defiant and moody if I tried to help. It was ugly.

I heard about Mindset’s Homework Club from a friend of mine and decided to give it a shot. I went with her the first day to check out the place. It was clean and friendly, and Josh (at the desk) was very helpful. He showed her where to go– a big working space with computers and textbooks and whiteboards. I started to follow her in, but she turned around and said her characteristic, “Moommmm, you can go now”.

When I picked her up at 4:30, she had a smile on her face. “I finished all my homework,” she said proudly. She went on to tell me about the tutor named Justin who was so helpful. Justin showed Emma how to write all her homework down from edline into a planner and then check it off as she goes along. We were both in such a great mood, we went for Starbucks afterwards and she told me about her day.

It became a routine. She goes to Homework Club, does her work, and then we go to Starbucks and talk. Her grades went up and so did her mood (and mine).

– Emma’s mom (Nancy)