Jeremy’s Story

I didn’t study very much for the SAT. I thought I could just walk in and take it. My friends and I took it together and got the scores at the same time. They all got really good scores, but I had to make up a number to tell them because mine was so bad. My dad suggested that I go to SAT tutoring. We tried a big tutoring company first. I hated it. They were spending time on really simple things I already knew. I was so bored. A friend of mine was one of the high school tutors at Mindset. He mentioned that people seem to love their SAT tutoring. When I called, they suggested a practice exam to figure out what I knew. After the exam, we met and came up with a plan just for me. The practice exam showed that I was weak in punctuation and geometry, so we knew what to focus on. I met with a tutor twice a week. I was never bored because we focused on the stuff I didn’t know, not the stuff I was already good at. A month later, I took another practice exam and we fine-tuned my study plan. Finally, after three months of studying, I took the real SAT again. I couldn’t believe it! My score went up 360 points! Now, that was a score I could brag about!


– Jeremy