Study Skills Workshops for Middle School and High School Students


Upcoming Study Skills Workshops

Summer 2018 – Study Skills for Middle School Students

Monday, August 27-Friday, August 31 10am-12pm $500

 Fall 2018 – Study Skills for High School Students

Sundays starting Sept. 16th 5;15-6:15pm, 10 sessions $500

 Fall 2018 – Study Skills for Middle School Students

Sundays starting Sept. 16th 4:00-5:00 pm, 10 sessions  $500


“… most students have never been taught how to study 

and the strategies they devise on their own don’t work.”  – Daniel Willingham




How students learn is crucial to their success, yet it is rarely taught. Instead the assumption is that students will figure it out. 


When students:


1. understand the brain’s learning processes,

2. have a toolbox filled with strategies to implement and

3. practice these skills over time,


they become better students who are more confident, less anxious, and more self sufficient. 


During these workshops the students will learn about the Study Cycle and why it is so important to know and understand it.  From there they will learn and practice strategies to become better students at all stages in the study cycle.

These workshops will be taught by Melissa Vinik.  

 Melissa Vinik is the owner of Mindset Tutoring.  

She is a former teacher, current tutor and academic coach, and a self professed learning geek.



To schedule either give us a call 973-379-3565 or schedule online