Midterm Review Workshops

January 5th- January 26th

Don’t let midterms bring your grades down. Each class is re-designed every year to be a comprehensive review of the material specifically tested on MHS finals. We will provide you with a model to study for your exam(s) and prepare you to succeed. Millburn graduates reveal the secrets and strategies that put them in the top of their class at MHS.



Saturday 1/5 at 4:45pm

Thursday 1/10 at 5:00pm

Saturday 1/12 at 4:45pm

Thursday 1/17 at 5:00pm

Saturday 1/19 at 4:45pm

Saturday 1/26 at 4;45pm


9th GRADE SCIENCE **2nd Section**


Saturday 1/5 at 1:00pm

Wednesday 1/9 at 5:00pm

Saturday 1/12 at 1:00pm

Saturday 1/19 at 1:00pm

Monday 1/21 at 1:00pm

Saturday 1/26 at 1:00pm

Saturday 1/5 at 11:45 am

Wednesday 1/9 at 3:45 pm

Saturday 1/12 at 11:45 am

Saturday 1/19 at 11:45 am

Monday 1/21 at 4:45pm

Saturday 1/26 at 11:45am


Saturday 1/5 at 2:15pm

Wednesday 1/9 at 6:15pm

Saturday 1/12 at 2:15pm

Saturday 1/19 at 2:15pm

Monday 1/21 at 2:15pm

Saturday 1/26 at 2:15pm


Saturday 1/5 at 6:00pm

Thursday 1/10 at 7:00pm

Saturday 1/12 at 6:00pm

Thursday 1/17 at 7:00pm

Saturday 1/19 at 6:00pm

Saturday 1/26 at 6:00pm


Saturday 1/5 at 3:30pm

Wednesday 1/9 at 7:30pm

Saturday 1/12 at 3:30pm

Saturday 1/19 at 3:30pm

Monday 1/21 at 3:30pm

Saturday 1/26 at 3:30pm

To schedule either give us a call 973-379-3565 or schedule online